Special COVID19 Message


Southeast Iowa Regional Airport will require face covering/mask be worn to enter the terminal.

Travel Requirements for Air Choice Passengers pertaining to wearing MASK on ACO flights. 

All passengers, except for those children under 2 years old, who fly on Air Choice One flights will be required to wear a face covering/mask.  Passengers who decline to wear a face covering/mask may result in being denied boarding for the flight.

All passengers should observe the following:

Face coverings may be a mask or cloth that covers your nose and mouth and fits snug under the chin.  They may be removed to eat or drink but be put back on when finished.

Face coverings that are made of mesh/lace or similar fabric, or those that have exhaust valves and vents will not be allowed.

A face shield may be worn in conjunction with the face covering, but not by itself as it is not a substitute for a face covering.

Face coverings should be in place at the time of arrival at airport, during the boarding and flight processes, and up to the point of exiting the destination airport.

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Things to do in Burlington

The community is beautifully situated on the bluffs of the river and has a rich heritage as a center of commerce and culture. Burlington was incorporated in 1836 and serves as the county seat of Des Moines County.

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General Aviation

FAA Identifier: BRL
Latitude: 40-46-59.6100N
Longitude: 91-07-31.8200W
Elevation: 698 ft.
Location: 2 miles SW of Burlington, IA
Time zone: UTC -5 (UTC -6 during Standard Time)
Zip code: 52601

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The Burlington Difference

Imagine a travel experience where parking is free, security lines are short, and you get personal phone calls if your flight is delayed. Those are just a few of the benefits the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport provides.

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Your Hometown Airport

Our airport launched in 1929 when the Burlington City Council adopted a resolution to establish a Municipal Airport on an “L”-shaped 55-acre sod field on Summer Street in Burlington, Iowa. Regularly scheduled commercial passenger service started two years later in 1931 when the National Air Transport company added Burlington to its Chicago to Kansas City route. National’s two Ford Trimotor planes made two daily flights to Burlington carrying ten passengers each and lumbering across the sky with a top speed of 152 miles per hour.

In 1943, a contract was signed with the U.S. Government to pave the runways and expand the site to 500 acres. Braniff Airlines began offering two daily departures to Kansas City to carry passengers and cargo in 1944. Three years later in 1947, a long-range Airport development plan was created for building a Quonset-hut administrative building, a U-shaped entrance road with parking, a gasoline service station for aircraft, a tourist court with recreational facilities, a maintenance building and hangers for aircraft.

Our hours of operation were extended in 1959 when runway lights were installed, enabling flights to takeoff and land at night. In 1967 an aviation easement was established, and the North-South runway was widened and extended to 1,351 feet. The terminal building was remodeled for the comfort of our passengers in 1989.

In 1996, The Burlington Regional Airport’s name was changed to the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport to reflect the entire area that we serve. Passengers tell us that the laid back, inviting atmosphere at our Airport reminds them of the Wings TV show.  We take that reference to our friendly facility as a compliment.

Southeast Iowa Regional Airport Authority Board of Directors and Director

Charles Walsh – Chair
Representing the City of Burlington

John Schulz – Vice-Chair
Representing the City of Burlington

Mick Fletcher – Secretary-Treasurer
Representing the City of West Burlington

Dan Wiedemeier– Board Member
Representing Des Moines County

Dwight Mulch – Board Member
Representing the City of Burlington

Sara Sandburg – Airport Director

Real ID

If your driver's license or ID doesn't have a federally-required REAL ID gold star by Oct. 1, 2021, you will need to show a different TSA-approved identity document (like a passport or military ID) to fly.

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